Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blog Book Tour: NJaneHair

NJaneHair asks:

I have a long commute between work and home, and rely on audiobooks (particularly to keep up with my 'reading'. I would love to 'listen' to your book. Has this form of publication been given any consideration?

Oh, I love And I hate long commutes. And I wish I was going to be easing your journey any time soon, but I think first books are hardly ever audio books. But I had such a good time reading a story at Vroman's out here in Los Angeles that I'm trying to figure out a way to read some more stories in public.


Blogger njanehair said...

I have an October vacation planned in California, so I'll probably save reading your book for then. But if you manage to 'book tour' to the Philadelphia area, you'll have me as a rapt listener!

7:01 AM  
Anonymous --Deb said...

Um ... podcast? (grin)

Fan letter-writing campaign to to get them to do your book?

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Brad said...

Hi Quinn,

I am from Dayton and during my recent visit to L.A., I had the pleasure of attending your book signing at Vroman's. Although you implied that readings were infrequent, let me compliment you by saying that it was your colorful reading of your material that got me REALLY interested in reading your book. Outstanding job!

Secondly, I have posted a few pics from our book signing encounter here:

I have left a blog tour question at the end of the posting and would be thrilled if you commented on the blog.

Regards always - and thanks for being you!

7:19 AM  

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