Thursday, July 23, 2009

Book Blog Tour: Elizabeth

Elizabeth asks:

1. You've explained (wonderfully) how you fell out of love with acting...but I still wonder how you originally got into it - your own passion/impetus or someone else's?

We had a neighbor we saw when we would walk our dogs together. As it happened, his name was James Wong Howe and he was among the greatest cinematographers in the world. He decided seven year-old me would make a good actor. He called an agent, who called my mother to set up an appointment to meet me one afternoon. I had just gotten home from school. I was in the tub, filthy, hair half-unbraided, picked gravel out of my knee from the recess incident. My mother poked her head in the bathroom and said, "It seems as if we're going to meet an agent today for you. Get dressed." I pulled my hair back into braids, sort of, slapped a Band-Aid over the oozing, and went off to meet the agent. Within an hour, the agent had me at a commercial interview. I got the commercial and was on the set the next day. The only thing I've always assumed was that unlike most of the children doing commercials then, I wasn't flawlessly, dollishly pretty. I think I reminded the director or the ad guys of their kids or their kids friends.

2. Likewise, regarding a different kind of passion: how did you and Consort get together?

We met through work; he was a studio suit looking for writers for a show which went nowhere and I still thought maybe I was a TV writer. I thought he was kind, smart and terribly funny. I still do.


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