Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Yeah, I'm the Taxman

Ryan Murphy and his husband David just announced the birth of their son.

In case you don't know who Ryan Murphy is, he's the producer of a little show called "Glee." He also produces "American Horror Story" and in the past has produced other shows which have run a very long time. This man has an annual salary which would make the government of  the Ukraine look on in envy.

He also produces a show called "The New Normal," about a television producer named Brian and his partner David who are, at this time, expecting their first child, a boy. The house on the show is apparently based on Ryan and David's actual house.

(I don't stalk them. I really don't. I read that in a checkout line and was filled with a Ukraineish envy that some people live like fancy people on television live.)

This leads to the boring-yet-persistent question rattling around my head which readers who are also CPAs can answer:

Can he just write off everything as a business expense? I'm not talking the lunches; everyone in LA claims all meals are business expenses. I mean could he try to argue that "These aren't RYAN cashmere socks, they are BRIAN cashmere socks" and "These olives I bought at Trader Joe's are going to be worked into a story about how Brian hates olives and the toilet paper is for the guest bathroom whose television doppleganger will figure prominently in a story arc"?

Not that I think he buys his own toilet paper.

Not that I think about rich people's bathroom habits.

I honestly don't.

But I must admit I'm now thinking about how insanely nice his towels must be.

This is why I can't have nice things like celebrity gossip. I fixate on the wrong part.


Blogger Mark Moran said...

I actually saw a TV news magazine story about Ryan and David, but they were not expecting at that time ...
Hey, I have a home office. You have a home office. Do you claim the home-office deduction? Trying to figuring the ratio of utility use, blah blah blah to a fraction of the whole? No, better (in my case) to just throw in a few more Jos. A Bank ties and suspenders worn in my performance art ... at least, that's what I call it on the tax returns.

2:46 PM  
Blogger StevenIre said...

I am glad that you did not resort to the ‘business end’ of the toilet paper when the humor had an item such as toilet paper. You were above that. I put this to your skill and it had me aspire to not ‘go there’ in a comment.

1:37 AM  

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