Thursday, October 21, 2010

Three Deuces and a Four-speed and a 389

Epiphany of the day:

The way I felt in my 20's about tall, skinny, pale, shy, lapsed-Catholic boys is how I now feel when I look at a picture of a Chevy Volt.

An electric car is the new cute boyfriend.


Blogger Mark Moran said...

Thanks Quinn, but what about some new videos? Just sayin' ...

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Lynn said...

Tesla, Baby, Tesla!! (But then again, I always went for the bearded rebels.)

11:37 AM  
Blogger lisahgolden said...

As long as it has XM satellite radio, I'd be willing to marry one.

4:02 PM  
Blogger Char said...

ahhh, like those choir boys, can they live up to those promises? :)

5:43 PM  
Anonymous Robin Raven said...

Wow, I just spent like an hour reading about it. I had not heard of it before. I agree. So cute! I will take one in red.

6:00 PM  
Anonymous George Capra said...

Quin, Quin Quin. Is that a sentence?
The Chevy Volt is a coal powered Car.
Do some research into how much coal will have to be burnt to provide the electricity to take the Volt one charge. If everone switched to electric cars we would have to build 100's of oil or coal fired power plants to service them. Sorry, no FREE ride.

1:26 PM  

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