Monday, July 06, 2009

Blog Book Tour: Not the Rockefellers

Not the Rockefellers asks:

Quinn, If you could re-live a single day of your childhood, with you daughter, ( think Back To The Future) When would it be?Peace - Rene

There's a couple of ways to interpret that question. I'm going to assume you want me to take my kid back to my childhood, show her my life. It wouldn't be a particular day, but it would be before my father died. In many ways, she's very much like him; one of his degrees was in Classics and when it comes to mythology, she's the most well-read person I know. He was funny in a very dry way, and I think she would have enjoyed the heck out of him.


Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks, Quinn, for answering my question. My daughter was lucky enough to know my father before he passed. He too had a dry, sneaky wit that she also shares.

Best of luck with your book and your tour.

Peace - Rene

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