Thursday, August 09, 2012

It Takes Two, Baby

I am so sorry about missing a post yesterday. I was in DC doing the Diane Rehm show today, which simply couldn't have been more fun unless salted caramels were involved, but I basically flew the better part of yesterday, after doing KTLA live earlyish yesterday morning. Upon entering my hotel room last night, I  was so tired I couldn't figure out how to sign on to Wifi, which is nature's way of saying "Quinn, you're too dense to answer any question readers would pose". Since I shirked my responsibility last night for answering a question every day, today I shall answer two. TWO, I say!

Emily asks:

What happened to Dr. Bunstein? Did he perish?

Not as far as we know. We had someone staying with us who tried his level best but forgot the "We NEVER leave the back gate ajar, even for a minute" rule, and Dr. B headed off the other adventures. Signs didn't bring him back; neither did yodeling maybe the weirdest rabbit name ever throughout the neighborhood. I'd be distraught except for two things:

1. Dr. Marvin K. Bunstein, DDS had a marvelous time every day of his life that he was here, with the possible high point being when he attacked my hand mercilessly (My favorite day, of course, was when I had his testicles removed). We never went looking for a rabbit, he dropped into our lives without invitation, but I think we were excellent hosts.

2. If anyone could walk out the yard of someone's house and somehow manage to land an even better gig, it was that rabbit.

Oh, I have one more thing working in my favor:

3. No matter how I spin this story, for once I can't see how something is my fault.

Alice is angling for another rabbit.

Speaking of Alice, several people alertly noticed I called Consort "Daniel," and wondered if this was a new thing. No, it's a book thing; his name in the book is Daniel, and since my life is crammed with book-business right now, I absently typed it. I like the name Daniel well enough, but of all the names that aren't actually his name, I prefer Consort. Chalk it up to why I don't lie (can't remember details), and know that he's back to Consort status.

Several people have commented about how quite a few of my blog titles recently have been song lyrics. Actually, about 90% of the titles have been song lyrics since I started this, about seven years ago. Mark Moran noticed most of my blog titles are from songs from the late seventies to the early eighties, proving the music I heard from 10-14 will be there in my brain probably long after I'm too addled to be allowed to eat with a fork.  I'm not sure there was a question in there, Mark, but I am choosing to take it as a challenge and see if I can title outside of that half-decade.


Anonymous Robin Raven said...

Great entry. I enjoyed listening to the show today. Although I enjoy "This American Life" and "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" on NPR, I had sadly not hear Diane Rehm's show before. I will tune in again. Your interview and reading of the excerpt was terrific.

I'm sorry about Dr. Bunstein, but I think you have a good perspective on it. I hope he's in a very happy situation now. You've inspired me to definitely foster animals when I move (staying where no animals are allowed now). It seems like such an important thing to do, despite the potential for heartbreak. I think it's wonderful.

11:38 PM  
Anonymous Emily D said...

You were here in DC!!? Wish you could've done a signing or at least a tea break while you were in town. Looking forward to reading your book!

4:37 AM  
Blogger Mark Moran said...

Thanks Quinn, not sure my last note came through, so here's the current Billboard top 10 ... some possibilities here for blog titles. I've never heard any of these songs, but I'll bet Daughter has ...

5:10 AM  
Blogger Mark Moran said...

Sheesh, so The Atlantic channels Alice Cooper in their headline for the excerpt ... shows what I know, which is not much, so stick with the late-1970s music references. MM

10:41 AM  

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