Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Give Me Land Lots of Land Under Starry Skies Above

1 Adult male who works in the technology sector, with the resulting books and paperwork, often from home.

1 Adult female who writes from home and works part-time with three different charities, all of which have paperwork or fundraising materials.

1 Junior female who homeschools with many books, has three sports, all of which have equipment, and multiple hobbies and interests, all of which either require materials or generate materials.

1 subscription to The New Yorker, every issue of which the Adult male and Junior female love and swear they are going to finish, which adds to itself weekly.

1 short-haired cat and 1 long-haired cat, who have a few accessories but mostly have hair.

1 lavishly-furred dog, who has special food which can only be bought in bulk and his pills.

Five computers, three of them laptops, all of which have cords, apparati, extrusions, and generalized hangers-on.

Several previous computers which, while no longer with us, have left their cords, apparti, extrusions and generalized hangers-on here as a memento mori, because Adult male isn't entirely certain which ones are still good.

A box emblazoned with the words BUILD YOUR OWN V-8 ENGINE. Adult male and Junior female began this project seven years ago. No one has touched the engine in five years. It's now become a place to store the magnifying glasses.

What you might not have noticed in that list was storage space. That's because we don't have any. We stayed in a gorgeous but not overly-large apartmentment in New York this summer; that kitchen had more storage space than our kitchen does. I can get more in the trunk of my car than I can in our linen closet, which is why my trunk is currently housing my summer clothes and the used batteries to go to hazardous recyling which no longer fit in my freezer.

I know all this.

And yet.

And yet.



This week, I reanimated my Costco membership.

So I can now add to this list:

A cubic yard of pasta and an ottoman-sized contained of dish soap.


  1. SusannahS8:55 AM

    You have a linen closet?! Lucky!
    My new (as in, I've only lived there a little over a year and still haven't unpacked the last box yet) apartment does not have a linen closet. I only have under-the-counter storage in the bathrooms. I went into the guest bedroom closet to get the Christmas decorations and found the cases of bottled water I bought over the summer (preparing for the zombie apocalypse, yo! Or maybe I was supposed to take them to a charity event but forgot where I hid them so I had to buy more on the way. My bad.).

  2. If I didn't already know you live in California, I would think, she must live in California too.

  3. Nancy Songbird10:46 PM

    ROFL Another of your posts that warms my heart at how someone else in the world understand me. Maybe just because it's amost 2 in the morning and we are sitting here waiting for child to come home, but as I read this to hubby just now, we laughed ourselves silly... :-) Thanks!!! PS - thought the kid's paper trail would get better when she graduated homeschooling and started (commuting to) college. WRONG. Just sayin'... ;-)