Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Are You a Teacher of the Heart

Do you live in LA and have a child in your life who loves to write?

Do you live in LA and have a child who needs to work on his or her writing skills?

Do you like things which are excellent and also free?

May I introduce you to 826LA. They have volunteers in every weekday, afterschool, to help with homework and on the weekends, they have workshops on all sorts of writing topics; graphic novels, spoken-word, hip-hop, the future and the past.

All free.

The kid took a bunch of them, always came out smiling and frequently came out with some interesting work. This is the page for an upcoming workshop we've had great luck with in the past:

The DIY Holiday Workshop

Join us for this year's 826LA/Hammer Museum DIY Holiday Workshop! Students will invent a holiday (last year's was Arbitrary Mammal Day), create its folklore and heroes and traditions, then write and perform songs commemorating its (brief) history.

Tell me that doesn't sound a little cool.
 Even if you don't live in LA, the group is in several other cities; they might be near you.


Anonymous Lehua said...

I HEART 826LA...XOXO. Thank you for the reminder! I'd also like to add that Barnsdall Art Park and the Audubon Center at Deb's Park which are a few minutes away from Echo Park, are worth a look see if you happen to be on this side of town. Woohoo! Northeast LA represent!!!

11:13 PM  

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