Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Red Hot & Blue

Lisa I asks:

Do you prefer your tea hot or iced & do you allow your daughter to consume caffeine?

They have yet to create a temperature at which to serve tea where I won't drink it.  This week  I've been doing morning radio shows based on the East Coast, so if you heard me in Jacksonville, Florida at 9:30 am, please understand that it wasn't 9:30 am where I was. It was DARK where I was. That morning, I drank an iced-tea while waiting for the water to boil for hot tea. After the hot tea, I drank another iced-tea. And yet I still have seven horrible seconds on the radio show where I couldn't remember whether "Secular" meant "Religious" or "Not religious."  The moral I take from that is that I should have had another cup of tea before picking up that phone. Because of my insomnia, I switch to decaf tea at noon. Again, any temperature is fine. The only place where I get fussy about my tea is I won't drink Lipton's black tea. There's nothing wrong with it, except that's what I got when I was sick as a kid, so whenever I drink it, I start thinking I have strep throat.

It's hard to like something which reminds you of strep throat breath.

Until last year, Alice had no caffeine, because no one has ever looked at my child and thought, "Sweet kid, pity she's not more wakeful." But some time in the last few months, we had to get up early for some event and she was moving around the house at a pace more commonly associated with continental drift. Because I didn't have the upper-body strength to drag her about the house like a chew-toy, I gave her some of my tea. She wrinkled her nose and contined to ooze. In desperation, I added lemonade.

And the heavens opened and the angels sang, and Alice discovered she really likes Arnold Palmers.


Blogger lisa i said...

Ha! Thanks for answering, however now I had to go update my profile so I don't look like a freaky deaky nonny stalker kind of gal.

I won't drink Lipton black tea for the exact same reason.

9:10 AM  
Blogger MommyLisa said...

Who DOESN'T love an Arnie Palmer? My father and husband both gave my child caffeine - to my dismay - before she was one. They let her drink out of their dueling diet coke/diet dew bottles. Men.

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Amy said...

Okay, so I read the part about your forgetting the definition of "secular" and my immediate, unfiltered thought was, "Geez, and she's in charge of her kid's education? How in the world do you get to be 40-something and not know that the word secular means....means....it means...not religious, right? No, wait...religious, because non-secular would be not...wait. No, it means NOT religious. But no, because non-sectarian means...but wait, that's not the same thing, is it? Or is it? Where in the hell is the dictionary?"

I am a FULLY caffeinated, very well-educated 46 year old (only, lucky for me, I am not on the radio right this minute.)

10:37 AM  

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