Thursday, April 21, 2011

Questions, I've Got Some Questions

Here's how my head sounds these days:

AUGH! The laundry needs folding and the rabbit needs greens but the blog stands here looking at me plaintively and I really ought to get something written down only I'm up to my hips in everything and the book wants writing and the child should be educated while the blog still stands there looking at me plaintively and I must wash the cats and do the drops in the dog's ears and write the team-parent letter and get the kid's Easter shoes polished up when did my hairdo turn into Justin Bieber's?

Ooh, so much distraction and noise up there. One of the side-effects is while every single stinking thing is going on I cannot think of a thing to write in this here blog. So readers, I come to you. If you feel so inclined, ask me questions in the "Comment" section. I'll answer them, or I might just get distracted and send you a request for canned foods for the neighborhood food drive. That's the magical part about me right now; the randomness.



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