Saturday, April 23, 2011

King of the Road

Wootini asks:

So did the hair dye actually kill the lice? Would you ever consider relocating and, if so, where?

Re: Lice. So far, yes! And we're praying telling this story about Daughter has caused only "My mom sings loudly in the car when my friends are there" psychic damage and not "My mom hits on my friends" psychic damage.

Since with the exception of ninety days when I was 31 I've never lived further than five miles from the house in which I grew up, something tells me I need to relocate. That whatever the human version of pot-bound is, I'm it. And if Consort needed to be somewhere for work or if Daughter got an opportunity which was elsewhere, you'd be dazzled at how quickly I could move. But I hate travel and change nauseates me; the odds of us moving because it's fun and kicky to do so is vanishingly small.

P.S.: Go to her blog. She fleshed out something I had started and it's as if my life was put to music.


Anonymous Robin Raven said...

You're not missing much. I've lived in about 6 states in the past couple of years (and visited many more) since leaving L.A....And no place is nearly as awesome, in my opinion. :)

7:31 PM  
Blogger wootini said...

If I had any sort of roots in LA I would never leave, if only for the hair effect.

I went to LA once for work years ago. Unfortunately, I didn't see much except the inside of my hotel and a chilly, rather damp soundstage, but my hair was AWESOME. I have never, before or since, had such good hair as I did in LA. I still miss it.

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Lydia said...

I agree with both Robin and Wootini. I miss LA and my non-frizzy hair!

We can fantasize about living in another place, but the reality may be quite different.

10:46 AM  

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