Sunday, February 24, 2008

The QC (book) report

(This is the last week before the book is due at the editor, so we're in re-runs. This one is from early on, but it deserves to be brought to the attention of newer readers.)

For my own amusement, I am going to start mentioning books suitable for 4-7 year-olds that might have slipped by even the most eagle-eyed parent."Jenny and the Cat Club" is a collected reprint of several smaller books written in the 1950's.

Jenny is a small shy cat, living in Greenwich Village, who finds courage and adventure after joining the Cat Club, a motley crew of neighborhood cats.It's a wonderful book, with short enough chapters for new readers and with some pictures, which makes it suitable for reading to smaller children. I'm always in search of books for Daughter where the lead characters are moral without being treacly, lively without being snotty, kind without being spineless. Jenny hits all these marks and more. It's a lovely book.


Anonymous Mtnester said...

Oh, my daughter (now 31) and I used to LOVE this whole series about Jenny Linsky and the Cat Club! I think the main reason was that Jenny and her gang had personalities and were not too "cute." Pickles the Fire Cat was another favorite character. I'm going to email her the link. Thanks for reviving a happy memory!

11:49 AM  
Anonymous NoL said...

Just reserved it from my library! Thanks!

3:54 PM  
Blogger Emily Barton said...

...the book is due at the editor...

Which means the book will be out by the end of the year? (She asks in a very hopeful voice.)

6:47 PM  
Blogger Suzanne said...


I left you a thank you over at my place - just passing on the love.

2:50 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Hi Quinn,

I just decided to Google you because my husband and I just watched Goodbye Girl for our standing date night--it was always one of my favorite movies, and he had never seen it before. Assuming this is the same Quinn Cummings that was in the movie (which I realize could be completely untrue), I was just wondering if you gave up acting? You were amazingly talented. (How often do you hear that?) Anyway, I was thrilled to find this blog, whether you are the same person or not. The writing is wonderful (I read several entries)--some bits had me laughing out loud, which I seldom do. And I am definitely going to buy the Cat Club book for my daughter who will be 5 soon. And your book, if and when I find it for sale. I suspect my daughter and I will both be delighted.

We also have a rescued dog who barks at dragons.

8:31 PM  
Blogger SusannahS said...

Oh, I loved the Cat Club books. My grandmother had them in our "library" (an alcove between the kitchen and the family room, where my cousin and I had a table and chairs).
Since I joined the library last year, I've been re-reading my way thru some of my favorites. I just finished L.M. Montgomery's "Emily" trilogy.

1:18 PM  

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