Friday, May 10, 2013

I Have Heard Among this Clan/ You Are Called the Forgotten Man

Fun fact; for the first time, in 2012 more people are now reading content on Smart phones or tablets than laptops or computers. I could have told them that, if for no other reason than I didn't make eye-contact with anyone in 2012. Honestly, I was blown off by infants who were checking to see what their buddies back in NICU were up to on Facebook. I could have also told them that writing long-form has felt increasingly less meaningful and God knows I can't be bothered to do things that aren't meaningful.

(Now if you will excuse me, I have to go stare at pictures of captioned cats.)

Also, I'm on my phone more often than I'm on my computer and it's less than completely enchanting to write a 1000 word blog on a phone. Even as I write these, I'm aware that I'm redefining the measurement for "Painfully clueless middle-class life of leisure complaints," but so be it. I'm a horrible creature of privilege and the only consolation you should take is that one of my cats, the dumb one, has taken to facing the wrong way when she uses the litter-box and I'm going through a bottle of Chlorox spray a week on the laundry-room floor. My privilege only extends so far.

"What's your point exactly, Quinn?" My point is this. I'm activating an account on Tumblr (, which will be where the shorter thoughts go. The longer thoughts will go here. The book reviews and anything which requires audio will go on Keek, under Quinncy. The kid's book reviews of soon-to-to-be-published middle-schools books will go on Pinterest, under Quinn Cummings. The random thoughts which go through my head and my need to make fun of Huffington Post can be found on Twitter (@quinncy). You can find me on Facebook, but I stand by my original statements that I hate Facebook worse than poison wrapped around okra in a light beet-sauce.  In sum, it's 2013 and you're going to have to work hard NOT to find me. You're going to find yourself thinking things like "Oh God, her? Again?"



Waiting patiently for the cerebral chip implantation.


Blogger Unknown said...

But where can we go to get all of it in the same place?

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Lehua said...

Go on with your bad self, QC! Dominate. Looking forward to seeing your presence every dang where. Upon reading your book about Learning Dangerously, I was able to channel all the good energies in my life - past, present, forgotten about, vegetable, animal, mineral - in order to educate my First Grade daughter at home. Only three more weeks til summer vacay!!! You're worldwide, baby! :)

1:16 PM  
Blogger Blondie! said...

I've been following your blog for awhile, I rarely if every comment. I adore your POV and your writing. Since I'm all ready following you on Twitter, I'll happily follow you on Tumblr.
Whether you write an esssay or a pithy one liner, I want to read it.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with the rest of us.

8:33 AM  
Anonymous SusannahS said...

Yay for world (wide web) domination but ugh for having too many platforms from which to peruse.
Hope you had a happy Mother's Day!

1:39 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Gah! I have to do something new? Again? Ugh. I just got to the point where I stopped loathing Twitter and actually find it useful. Fine.

8:09 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Susannah, Marianne, I hear and I agree. The Tumblr account will be attached to Twitter; if I Tumble (still figuring out that verb), it will also show up as a Tweet (using that verb, but still ambivilent about it). Megan, the next project we're going to accomplish around here is a general freshening up of this website, after which everything will be sitting here, politely waiting for you.

8:23 AM  
Blogger BiPolar Wife said...

If this is a redudant comment from me, please feel free to delte it. I couldn't get past the hoops to get my comment published.

What I had TRIED to say was that your comment about the infant checking in with friends from the NICU on their smartphone had me blowing iced tea out both nostrils. Well done!

I'm turning a friend on to your book. She's homeschooling two boys for the first time this year. She has a Master's Degree in Education but hated teaching so this should be interseting!

Thanks for the smile today (and the irrigated sinuses).

1:40 PM  

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