Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Don't Be Stupid, Be a Smarty

Consort explaining funding round he's managing:

"The concern, of course, is that we not be oversubscribed."

Having on some level never left the entertainment industry, where popularity is king, I say in confusion "But...isn't it better to be over than undersubscribed?" Consort remembers who he's talking to and briskly rejoins, "If we're oversubscribed, that makes me Max Bialystock."

"OH. We don't want that."

I hope you will all buy my upcoming book on finance, TRY NOT TO BE ANY CHARACTER ZERO MOSTEL PORTRAYED..


Blogger Debbie said...

I laughed so hard I snorted my hummus.

5:25 AM  
Blogger Bonnie said...

Hey, anything that can be explained to me using references and analogies from Mel Brooks movies is FINE with me - ha! (and sometimes it's the only way I'm gonna understand it)

7:05 AM  
Anonymous Courageous Jane said...

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10:56 AM  

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