Thursday, January 03, 2013

Working Class Hero

Today I have decreed to be Get the House Cleaned Up After the Holidays Day. Daughter has booked in Aimless Drifting and Starting But Not Finishing Projects for today. It would appear we are at cross purposes, emphasis on the cross. Being as she's winding up our annual holiday cold and will be starting Chinese and other complicated bits on Monday, I'm actually fine with her having a relatively quiet day, and have no interest in her helping me tear down the holiday set, as I work faster when I don't have to discuss the terrible brevity of the holidays and the general stench which is January. But that doesn't mean I want a puzzle dumped on the floor, where I have just swept up pine needles.

So a few minutes ago, I said to my excellent child "Listen to me very carefully. I am cleaning this house. If I see you -- if you cross my path -- I'm going to assume you're getting my attention because you long to organize the Christmas lights."

She blanched slightly.

"If you stay in your bedroom creating chaos, I will assume you have no interest in cleaning."

I'd speculate about her expression at that point but she was gone. I could already hear a box of something being dumped on the floor of her bedroom.


Anonymous Megan Alton said...

You mean to tell me that the dumping of stuff on the floor doesn't stop when they get older??

1:24 PM  

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