Sunday, July 12, 2009

Blog Book Tour: Ordinary but Interesting

Ordinary but Interesting asks:

Hi Quinn -Deb's review of your book on Punctuality Rules has moved me to purchase your book. I can't wait to delve into it.But.....I do have a kitty question (as a roommate to 2 felines).Honest to goodness.....who rules the roost? You or the felines? I thought I did until I posted on my blog about my kitty Scarpetto and my constant need to make the GUEST bed! I now believe that he rules the roost!

My first response was "I've had pets my entire life and I can assure you that nothing with four legs and no opposable thumbs would ever run my..."

But then I had to go open the door, because Lu wanted to go out. And then I realized I might as well wait to let her back in, once she realized how hot it was. And then I let her back in. And then I gave her fresh water and I added a couple of ice-cubes, so she and the dog would have little additions of cool fresh water for an hour or so. And then I swept her off the kitchen table, where she was checking out the pasta putanesca Consort just finished making. And then I swept her off again. And then she screamed for wet food which I wasn't planning on giving her but the noise was going to bring the police so I gave her a tablespoon. And then another.

I'm sorry, what was the question?


Anonymous --Deb said...

Tee! Glad I could help...

And, isn't that pretty much the way a cat believes it should be? I, on the other hand, have a dog, and while my life circles around him quite a bit, I like to think that I'm still in charge ... most of the time, anyway. But, anyway, pets in general deserve to have a certain amount of special attention, just like really adorable children do. It's like God's plan, or something (if you assume He's there at all and that He has a plan).

6:30 PM  
Anonymous LasherCC said...

All I can say is, dogs have owners, cats have staff...

11:38 PM  

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