Monday, July 06, 2009

Book Blog Tour: Julie Klam

The effervescent and inimitable Julie Klam (Her book Please Excuse My Daughter is now in both hardcover AND paperback. In case you've missed out so far, it's frisky and funny and just about the perfect companion at the pool as long as your partner has vowed to watch the kids in the water because the baby will try to sneak into the deep end.)

In your unbelievable fantastic, people-you-must-buy-this book, there is a scene where two women are horrifically rude parading you around their party like some kind of circus animal. That said, anytime I mention your book to someone they say, "OH I LOVE HER!" And then they start talking about you in The Goodbye Girl or Family... I wonder how you feel about that. For me, when I first saw you had a book I was so happy to hear you were around and well because I, too, loved you in the Goodbye Girl (and as a kid wanted to be your best friend) and also, my aunt took me to that movie in 1977 in a theater on 57th Street and they had homemade brownies -so I do connect you with NYC and brownies both of which I love. What was the question?

The question was Quinn, when did you become a vegetarian? I was fourteen. No great moment of horror when I realized that used to be a sweet frolicking lamby on my plate. Never liked meat. Don't miss it, except for bacon. Bacon is the one thing the soy industry is still working on getting right.

Actually, the question was how I feel about being a public figure for things which happened three decades ago. I'm certainly pleased I was involved with things which made people happy (beats the heck out of "Quinn, why did you write on the dining room table?"), but being Quinn Cummings isn't quite as novel for me as it is for some other people. I do try really hard to be polite, though.


Blogger Unknown said...

First time blog visitor, your book caught my eye today at the bookstore and I'm loving it!

10:15 PM  
Blogger Mommy with a Penis said...

Quinny, I'm all atwitter about the book!! I'm vibing you all the success possible. Does one vibe? I don't know. Big kiss. H

ps. When did I ever before call you Quinny?

10:39 PM  
Anonymous spleeness said...

yay, my book just shipped today. Can't wait to read it! Problem: it shipped to Maryland (per preorder) and I'm in Arizona for the summer. But I'll figure it out.

Can I interview you on my blog? (I have other interviews here, yours would be #5. If so, please email me.

I'm compiling questions now. No obligation, you can see the questions first and decide later. But I already know I will love the book! :)

9:36 AM  

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