Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blog Book Tour: Felicia

Felicia asks:

Do you like toast-flavored jelly beans? What about jelly-flavored toast with beans?What's your desert-island food? Is it toast? Is there any food where you like the food itself, but hate anything flavored like that food (i.e. I like oranges but I hate orange-flavored (insert noun))? Is there a preferred method for purchasing your book? (Where I can throw more revenue your way instead of to the big, bad, middlemen?)

First, the book. Total honesty makes me admit that if you click the link to Amazon on my front page, there to the right, I got a teeny bit extra of the sale beyond my contractually-obligated teeny bit. But, really, I can do without that teeny bit. Please go support a local independent book-store.

Now, toast. The sad fact is that I have very little sense of taste, owing to having very little sense of smell. Flavors mean very little to me. What excites me about food is textures. Toast is the Emporer of Textures; the crispy toast bits, ceding to the warm yet untoasted soft bits in the middle, the whole thing enveloped in a sleeve of cool-in-some-places, warm-in-others, liquidy butter. Jelly beans, even those tasting of the toast, would do very little for me, because most of what I get from jelly beans is "Augh! Get off my molar, you incubus!" I know British people eat beans on toast, but I view that with suspicion. Beans go in my desert-island food, which is a bean and cheese burrito because I'm from Los Angeles so my comfort food will come from Mexico. And if I'm stuck on a desert island, I know two things; I'm not going to have enough sunblock and I'm going to need legumes.


Anonymous La BellaDonna said...

Having read your book, I have now discovered your blog, and am in the process of reading your blog backwards (I have already exclaimed in two inappropriate places that OMG I HAVE LINGUA LATINA!). I am amazed and enchanted to discover that you, too, have no sense of smell, therefore no sense of taste. Is it the sinus infections? The years of endless sinus infections, followed by new and yummy antibiotics? Once upon a time, I had a sense of smell AND a sense of taste ... I think. It's been a few decades.

Every once in a while, when I least expect it, my sense of smell returns ... usually when I'm leaning over something that's green and shiny and oily, festering in a city gutter. Then I'm happy when my sense of smell goes away again. But I thought I was the only person in the ENTIRE WORLD who ate food for texture, instead of taste! You can't imagine how happy it makes me, knowing that someone else is nasally stunted. (Yes. I rejoice in your affliction. I'm that kind of person. Sorry. Feel free to rejoice in my affliction.)

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