Tuesday, July 12, 2005

QC (Book) Report, Part Two.

I was thinking about blurting out another book review, but when I was deciding which book to crow about, I realized that all of my recent favorites have come from the same place.

That place would be the New York Review of Books Children’s Collection (http://www.nybooks.com/nyrb/, look up Children’s Collection on the right-hand side of the screen), as marvelous and idiosyncratic a book publisher as you could ever want. These are books which, to quote the website, “...have fallen out of print, or simply out of sight, in recent years”. I have found these books to be highly entertaining for parents and child, a rare trick. [Daughter enjoyed “Walter the Farting Dog” but I felt strongly that the subject didn’t require a whole book, let alone a sequel].

Not only do they have the charming and timeless “Jenny and the Cat Club”, they have several other books about Jenny being reprinted this fall. I don’t know whether Daughter or I are more excited about this.

They also have the lunatic “The Magic Pudding”, a book which made Consort walk out of Daughter’s room shaking his head mumbling “That’s a weird one!" -- this from a man who attended art school and is uniquely qualified to discuss weird. Daughter adored it.

On the off chance you are buying books for a girl who likes to read about girls and cats, preferably cats who can talk, may I suggest “Carbonel”?

Wander over, take a look. And, while you’re already parked, browse the adult store as well.


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